Installation of the tinydnssec patch


This patch is not against stock djbdns. Here's the minimal set of patches to install before the tinydnssec patch applies:

    Unfortunately, fefe refuses to name a license for this patch, which means that I cannot redistribute it.
  2. My own fixes to the Makefile (IPv6-related): djbdns-ipv6-make.patch


  1. Download and unpack the original djbdns sources.
  2. Download and apply the patches listed above.
  3. Download and unpack tinydnssec in the top-level source directory.
  4. Apply djbdns-1.05-dnssec.patch.
  5. Compile as per usual instructions.
  6. Optional: run tests (see below).
  7. Install djbdns as per original instructions, or whatever your preferred method is.
  8. Install in your preferred location for system executables, like e. g. /usr/sbin.
  9. Optional: create a manpage for tinydns-sign using e. g.
    pod2man -s 8 -c '' "" >tinydns-sign.8
    then install it in your preferred location for system manpages.


For example: